psd #51 - coloringland

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psd 318
as requested, a psd for club red.
contains vibrance.
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common editing mistakes made by people who actually know their way around photoshop


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coloringland -

31 handwritten lana del rey & marina and the diamonds brushes;

ఇ as said before, set contains 31 brushes made by me;

ఇ you can use them freely and there’s no need to credit, though I surely won’t object if you want to;

ఇ here is the full preview and here is the download link, enjoy;

Hi again, ajdhahsd

It’s been a month! I’m so sorry for not being online, I was involved with html [lots of new themes in my main blog yay *wink wink*] among other stuff sooooooo yeah. I’m back now and about to post a brush set…hope I can make up for the delay. I’m so sorry again xx

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PSD By: @lostzarry

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DL - mf

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psd #51 - coloringland


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► Contains b/w option. 
► Don’t copy. Don’t claim as yours.
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Here is the psd #1. In my dA count; it’s the number #27.

Download → dA/mf

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